Project Details
Name NETWORK WEB TV Date 07 Mer 2015 Categories TECHNOLOGIES Author Antonio



Companies Channels for conferences, launch new products, training, internal and external communication. Channels for public and non-profit communications. Municipalities, Regions, Districts. BUSINESS CHANNELS Channels for music, cinema, sports, theater and more. Live and on demand, free and pay per view.

What you can do

1. open your TV

Broadcast your HD content using a bit rate of up to 1.7Mbps with H.264 or VP6 encoders. You can create a professional assembling TV broadcasts live and prerecorded video preloaded on your channel.

2. increase your visibility provides each organization and / or individuals, wherever they are, the possibility of using a window through the International channel network, sending live World Cup event every product and store (on demand) of all content generated , forever !

3. Share our vision

Gratify the professional and cultural production in the world by building a bridge between people and their professionalism, offering the opportunity to disseminate their work at an international level, through the promotion of human activities, worthy to be widely known..