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Name DATASHEET BROADCAST Date 11 mar 2015 Categories ITV-DATASHEET Author Antonio


Organize a direct through the tools available on the market and flat platform-compatible iTALENTS.TV is extremely simple and cheap. This is for the filming defined in studio workstations with fixed cameras that with shooting in the field to follow events anywhere in the world.

Today’s technology provides tools cheap and easy to use, allowing you to get shots LIVE HD quality once unthinkable. In addition, many independent producers have introduced tools that integrate your cameras and professional cameras with which you can continue to make your shots, thus safeguarding the investments previously made.


Within the management of the same channel will find a program directed simple. Just click on the button “GO LIVE” and your computer you can safely start the transmission, monitoring for web cam colegate. Alternatively, you can use more sophisticated programs to broadcast more professional as Flash Media Live Encoder (di adobe) o Wirecast Pro (di Telestream).In this case just download from the platform configuration file and load it into the program and you are ready for the LIVE !!!


If you own an iPhone, an iPad or a mobile phone with Android 4.0 or higher, thanks to the application GOCODER free download from the Apple Store or from Google Play, you can turn it into a tool of recovery LIVE, simply by accessing your channel is under WIFI with 3G coverage. Through integration with social networks (Twitter, Facebook etc.) to communicate the same to those who follow the event that you are recovering. Wows GoCoder for app downloader.


It mounts on the hot shoe of the camera or video camera, connect the cable to the HDMI output, you set the address of the server to reach and that’s it !!! The VIDIU transforms your trusty and expensive equipment in professional tools for your filming live on the field. He works both in connection with WIFI modem vidiu_1-300x1713G / 4G. The very low cost (about 600 €) make this tool extremely attractive for professionals reportage. Teradek VidiU HDMI H264 Live Streaming Encoder …