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Name Corelli Date 07 Mer 2015 Categories TECHNOLOGIES Author Antonio


Corelli is a new concept for search and catalog video, a revolutionary platform. With Corelli is easy to create automated nice personal video catalog. Your videoblog will be automatically updated everyday!!
It’s perfect to create nice videoblogs. MMA, Iphone, Fashion, Sports, Comedy, Celebrities, Porn, and much more! Use your imagination!

The plugin grabs the embed code of the videos from several providers and automatically publish the post! You don’t need to host ANY video in your own server, all videos will be published using the original embed code from the provider!



Corelli is compatible with more than 20 video sources. Adult and non-adult sources!


Corelli can copy each thumbnail to your own server and is compatible with the wordpress post thumbnail or you can use a custom field.


You can run the auto-updates using Corelli Schedule function or using cron jobs.

4. Features

Corelli – Automatic Video Blog!

Corelli is a plugin for platform self-hosted that allows you to automatically publish posts with videos using embed codes from more than 20 video sites!

Compatible with:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Script Features:
– Easy to install
– Easy control panel inside the your channel tv!
– Copy thumbnail images of each video to your own server with SEO titles or use the original link from provider.
– 2 ways to run the Auto-Updates: Via Corelli Schedulle or Via Server CronJob
– Corelli catches the title, description, embed code and keywords/tags of each video.
– Create “Post Template” directly in the wordpress admin.
– Create “Post Template” directly in your wordpress theme using custom fields.
– Multiple categories per feed.
– Multiple feeds per category.
– Choose the maximum number of videos per feed.
– Choose the weekdays that each feed will be updated.
– Change status of each feed. On or Off.
– Choose post status, Publish, Pending, Draft or Schedule
– Choose post author for each feed.
– Skip videos with keywords of your choice.
– Grab YouTube comments
– Choose how many comments per videos
– Auto aprove comments
– Compatible with JW Player to play YouTube videos

The post status:
– You can mark any feed as “pending”, so all the videos from this feed will be saved as “pending” and will not be published until you access the wordpress admin and publish manually. Works like a moderation system. The script collects the videos and you approve them.

– You can mark any feed as “Schedule” and configure the time interval between each post, using this feature, your blog will have new posts during the day.

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